American Idol Meets American Idiot

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Even though thousands are being terrorized in Lebanon by the Israeli war machine, who ordered civilians to “get out” of the South, then bombed them in their cars as they fled, Bush finds a reason to smile. He’s not bothered if the Lebanese under attack by the Israelis have no food, water, medicine or electricity. It doesn’t bother him if UN observers were precision bombed, strafed and slaughtered in their bunker by the IDF. After all, that’s business as usual for the Zionist mafia calling the shots in Tel Aviv. It’s of no concern to Bush if an environmental disaster is unfolding along the beaches of Beruit, where the Israelis bombed fuel reserves that supplied a power plant. Hell no! Meeting Taylor Hicks is all that counts. Dumbya couldn’t give a shit about the Geneva Convention, Lebanon or God Himself. Fuck you dumbya, and the horse you rode in on.

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