Zionists – Progeny Of The Watchers, Fallen Archangels Cursed By God

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The watchers were the Archangels originally charged with protecting the earth. They were interdeminsioinal beings, had everlasting life and knowledge of eternal truths. Some of them became attracted to the daughters of men, however, and descended to earth to copulate with them. Therefore it was an “alien” invasion. These sinful Archangels were rebuked by God for their crimes, and condemned to hell forever. God’s curse filled them with dread and they sent Enoch to beg God to forgive them, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. God banished them from his presence and Michael and the other righteous Archangels removed them forcefully from the emphyrean during a war that took place in heaven. The progeny of the Archangels, which they had with the daughters of Jewish tribes were also cursed by God. The children of the Archangels born to the daughters of man were giants due to the “alien” nature of the parentage. The giants caused much bloodshed on earth, needed lots of food due to their size and killed and ate humans to satisfy their nutrutional requirements. The Nephillim race of giants quickly took power on earth due to their superior “eternal” knowledge and size. This is one of the main reasons why Jesus was sent by God to earth – to rebuke the Nephillim, and to “save” the true inhabitants of earth from them by showing them the true path of righteousness. The Zionist are the descendents of this polluted blood line of the Nephillim or fallen angels. This is why the book of Enoch was banned for thousands of years by Judeo-Christians. Because it reveals the secrets the elite Zionist and ruling class don’t want you to know. I’ve studied the book of Enoch, with comparisons to the NT. The Zionists don’t want anyone to put it together.

Jesus said he will be back in the future when these evil monsters cause a catastrophe on earth to save its inhabitants that rebuked their evil and that of their progeny. It looks like that time is fast approaching, and all these Zionist Christians who think they are going to be saved by supporting Israel are ultimately marching towards their doom.

Only divine intervention can save the world from the Zionists and rescue earth’s inhabitants from their stranglehold. They hate humanity because they hold humanity responsible for their fall, which got them cursed by God. That is why they have such bloodlust and take such pleasure in killing and destroying things. Their evil surpasses even the devil of sixes. They are condemned to hell forever for their sins. That is why their evil acts on earth know no bounds.

by aura
© 2006 aura@mysticalmaven.com (fair use only)

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