Moscow takes Syria under its protection

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Russia to defend its principal Middle East ally: Moscow takes Syria under its protection
by Ivan Safronov, July 28, 2006 Kommerzant, Moscow (original Russian) – 2006-06-02

The following report was published in the Russian daily Kommerzant in early June. It points to Russian military presence in the Eastern Mediterranean as well as support in the modernization of Syria’s air defense system, the modernization of Syrian tanks and ground forces. The question is whether in the current context, this military build-up of Syrian capabilities, supported by Russia, will act as a deterrent to an attack on Syria by Israel.

Global Research, 28 July 2006
According to our sources, Russia is deepening the port of Tartus ( Syria) where it has a naval materiel and technical supplies center. This may be regarded as evidence of Russia’s determination to make Syria a bridgehead for boosting its influence within Middle East. Link

aura writes: Take note you Zionist crazies, lest you be blasted to hell and back by Syria’s best friend Putin.

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