Ten War Rules in the Middle East

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Ten War Rules in the Middle East
By Khaled Almaeena, Al-Jazeerah, August 5, 2006

Rules of war
Rule 1: In the Middle East, the Arabs are always the aggressors, and Israel is always defending itself. It is called retaliation.

Rule 2: Arabs have no right killing Israeli civilians, it is called terrorism.

Rule 3: Israel has the right to kill Arab civilians, it is called self-defense.

Rule 4: When Israel kills too many civilians, the western powers call for restraint. It is called international community reaction.

Rule 5: Arabs have no right capturing Israeli soldiers even if they are very few, less than 3 soldiers.

Rule 6: Israelis have the right to kidnap as many Arabs as they want (currently10, 000 prisoners including 300 children). There are no limits and they don’t have to prove the guilt of any one of them. It is enough to brand them as “terrorists”.

Rule 7: When you say “Hizbullah”, you always have to add “supported by Syria and Iran”.

Rule 8: When you say “Israel”, you should never add “supported by USA and UK”, because it will make it sound like an unbalanced conflict.

Rule 9: Never mention “the occupied territories”, or the UN resolutions, or the violations of human rights, or the Geneva Convention.

Rule 10: If you don’t agree with the above rules or if you consider that they are in favor of one party in the Middle East conflict, then you are a dangerous anti-Semite.

Khaled Almaeena is the editor in chief of Arab News. Link

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