FDA approves implanted RFID chip for humans

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FDA approves implanted RFID chip for humans
10/13/2004 12:24:47 PM, by Hannibal

In the category of unbelievably bad ideas that we all knew were making their way toward reality whether we like it or not comes the news the FDA has just approved VeriChip’s implantable RFID chips for use in humans. These are the same chips that we’re currently using to identify our pets. VeriChip is touting the chips’ medical applications, as a way of potentially saving lives by storing medical data.

Silently and invisibly, the dormant chip stores a code — similar to the identifying UPC code on products sold in retail stores — that releases patient-specific information when a scanner passes over the chip. At the doctor’s office those codes stamped onto chips, once scanned, would reveal such information as a patient’s allergies and prior treatments.

The FDA in October 2002 said that the agency would regulate health care applications possible through VeriChip. Meanwhile, the chip has been used for a number of security-related tasks as well as for pure whimsy: Club hoppers in Barcelona, Spain, now use the microchip much like a smartcard to speed drink orders and payment. Continue reading at Link

aura writes ~ This RFID chip represents the mark of the Beast prophesized in the New Testament and is brought to you by elitists backers of the New World Order. Christians – BEWARE of western governments alligned with the Zionist entitiy. If you take this chip in your person, it will track your every move and the NWO elitists will be able to remove money from your accounts with or without your consent. See this link for more info BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!

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