The place of the biblical Apocalypse is found

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Site of the biblical Apocalypse – A giant meteor crater was discovered in the Jordanian desert, suggesting some terrible disaster that took place in this area back in the Stone Age. According to the scientists it was precisely this cataclysm that gave rise to the Sumerian end of the world legends and to the Biblical version of Apocalypse.

“The gods of Anunnaki raised up their torches casting bright lights towards the Earth… The heavens were filled with despair and the daylight was overwhelmed by the covering darkness… The Earth was shattered like a jar of clay,” – it would be hard to find a more impressive description of the end times than the one produced in “The Epic of Gilgamesh.”

Now the researchers in the Jordanian desert have found the traces of the great cataclysm which served as the historical foundation for the famous legend that dates back more than four thousand years. This epochal myth, in turn, finds many parallels in the gloomy Biblical plot describing the last days. Link

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