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Hezbollah Loser, Shrub Says – (p)Resident Cites Plans for Lebanese Control
By Michael A. Fletcher, Washington Post, August 15, 2006

President Bush asserted yesterday that Hezbollah was defeated in its month-long conflict with Israel, casting the fighting that killed hundreds of Lebanese and Israeli civilians as part of a wider struggle “between freedom and terrorism.”

As a U.N.-imposed truce seemed to be holding yesterday, Bush made clear that he blames Hezbollah and its patrons, Iran and Syria, for igniting the conflict. “We recognize that the responsibility for this lies with Hezbollah,” Bush said. “Responsibility lies also with Hezbollah’s state sponsors, Iran and Syria.” (shrub selling his lies link)

aura writes – Despite the general worldwide concensus, even within Israel, that Hezabollah cleaned the IDF’s clock, shrub shockingly claims that Hezbollah lost, but he’s only fooling himself. He doesn’t yet realize that Israel’s latest attack on Lebanon marked the beginning of the end for the insanely brutal Jewish State. Sadly, the village idiot remains trapped on the wrong side of the looking glass with dick cheney, where Iraqis continue to smile and wave while handing them flowers. Never mind that the elite Israeli forces got their asses kicked by Hezbollah and came crying back from the front, or that Israel’s economy in the north took a major hit from month long rocket attacks, or that Israel was unable to dislodge Hezbollah from their Southern border even after leveling the entire Lebanese infrastructure, shrub still insists Israel won. That’s why they call him dumbya.

Dream on dopey. Better hurry back to the West Wing now so you can help Laura put on her adult diapers. Nightie night.

Clueless in the Capital

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