Zionist Puppet Bush throws American citzenry under Zionist bus

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He’s supposed to be president of the United States, but dubya has surrounded himself with neocon Zionist supporters who call the shots for the country based on what’s best for Israel. Israeli spys and lobbyists have infiltrated the capital so thoroughly that it amounts to a virtual takeover of our country by a foreign force. After silently storming our nation’s corridors of power, these agents of Israel are running the puppet show in Washington, DC behind the scenes. They keep our elected representatives marching in goose step with their goals through brides, blackmail, and tacit threats of assasination. Pathetic first puppet, dumbya doesn’t even qualify as a shadow of our founding fathers, and has basically thrown the American citizenry under the Zionist bus. Increasingly these days, Americans are pressured to pay the requisite respect to Israel even before swearing allegiance to their own nation. Any American that refuses to do this is automatically branded antisemitic by the Zionist mob running amuck in America on the taxpayers dime. Anti-Christs all! Since Israeli apologists and their sympathizers control our governmental instituitons, the federal reserve and the banking industry, mainstream media outlets and last but not least, the morally bankrupt Hollyweird, the situation in America is becoming increasingly intolerable and has left many Americans wondering where their country’s gone.

Christian Zionists in America have lost their way by straying from the spirit of Christ’s true teachings. Any tradition that DOES NOT hold true to Jesus’ sacred teachings for salvation should not be embraced. Christians should be more concerned with honoring Christ by following His teachings in good faith, and less concerned with honoring the heritage of His birth. The nation of Israel operates more like a cult than a democracy and the Judaic fundamentalist in control of that country have failed miserably to even follow the teachings of their father Moses. Any Christian that abandons Jesus’ teachings to support and uphold the spiritual sins of the Zionist cult of Israel will surely pay a karmic price for the abominable actions of that sinful state. Not only are you abandoning allegiance to your counrty, you are abandoning your faith, duty and devotion to the Lord. And no good can come of it.

by aura


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