USA declares Russia ‘hostile regime’

Posted on 31.08.2006

Richard Lugar, the Chairman of the US Senate Committee for International Affairs, has been paying too much attention to Russia lately. Last week the official demanded Russia should withdraw its peacemakers from the conflict areas of Georgia, Abkhazia and Ossetia. This week Mr. Lugar spoke about the energy security issue. The US official put Russia in the line with Iran and Venezuela and described them as “hostile regime countries.” According to Richard Lugar, Russia, Iran and Venezuela use their natural resources to put pressure upon other countries.

Richard Lugar was “enlightened” at the international energy summit in West Lafayette, Indiana. Lugar said in the report about USA’s energy security threats that hostile regimes of Venezuela, Iran and Russia use their energy deliveries as means of pressure against their neighbours. The senator believes that energy has become a weapon for those who have it. Mr. Lugar outlined the situation which could happen in perspective if energy exporters cut their oil and gas supplies to consuming states. In this case, Lugar said, the countries, which face the cessation of oil deliveries, may give way to despair and thereby increase chances of armed conflicts, terrorism or economic collapse. Continue reading at Link

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