9-11 was an Inside Job

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Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

Many apathetic Americans have gone along with this massive sellout of their rights and children’s futures by buying the government’s fantastic conspiracy theory of boxcutter-wielding morons hijacking and then piloting sophisticated jumbo jets that few commercial airline pilots can handle. They are so misled that they won’t even believe their own eyes when they saw the WTC Towers fall at the speed of gravity, supposedly by two small fires. Never before in the history of the world has any skyscraper collapsed because of any fire, even a big one. We are now just beginning to witness the outcome of believing the lies of government and its head-embedded media: the parasites in Congress, drunk with unprecedented power that they seized are totally ignoring the U.S. Constitution that they swore on a Bible to obey and defend.

The number of Americans who believe the 9/11 ‘terrorist’ attacks were an inside demolition job is now rising to 50%. Many citizens are raising hell for a real investigation into what the 9/11 Commission refused to explore. Many maintain that the 9/11 events were planned by government as a protection racket to instill fear into the population so that the fed could invade Middle Eastern countries to control oil sales and to vastly decrease the rights of the citizens so that more tyrannical and confiscatory laws could be passed in the name of protecting Americans from the ‘enemy.’

Over 30 U.S. Senators have voted to NOT make English the official language of America.

Over 30 U.S. Senators voted FOR giving illegal aliens Social Security benefits, the same benefits you have been forced to pay for out of every paycheck in federal reserve notes that often exceed income tax withholding amounts. These benefits most of you will never collect if you’re now under 55 years old, now that illegals are sopping up what little funds are left after decades of Congress raiding SS funds to spend on every pork-barrel project except your disability and retirement.

Always remember that Social Security never went bad, the bad went away with its money in their pockets. Continue reading at LINK

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