Putin mocks Israeli PM in Moscow; Scathingly Praises Israel’s Rapist Prez

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“Say hello to your president. What a strong man! He raped ten women! I never expected that from him! We all envy him,” NEWSru Israel quoted Putin as saying.

Mr. Olmert was obviously confused with those remarks. Ehud Olmert said that it is not the right time to envy the Israeli president, who will most likely have to face the trial on rape and sexual abuse charges.

A spokesman for the Israeli government, Israel Maimon, stated Thursday in a radio interview that the Russian president did not make the members of the Israeli delegation laugh with those remarks. “I do hope that everyone will remember other episodes of the meeting, but not those remarks from Putin,” the official said.

When the meeting was over, Ehud Olmert decided to say something back to the scathing Russian president. The Israeli PM referred to the recent football match between Russia and Israel, which ended with a draw 1:1. “Mr. President, I want you to know that we in Israel are very glad that Russia did not show its predominance over Israel at least in football,” Olmert said. It is worthy of note that politicians often used sports humor in their biting remarks with one another. When Mr. Olmert finished his sentence about football, he and many of the people present looked at Vladimir Putin expecting to see his reaction. The latter was standing nearby as motionless as a statue. It seemed that his assistants had not translated Ehud Olmert’s words or made a mistake in the translation and represented it as something serious.

Unlike Berlusconi or Blair, Putin is a unique politician who can stay as cold as ice and ignore peppery words. Does Putin like football after all? Continue reading at Link – Pravada

aura writes: Christians that have supported Israel in the past should seriously consider rescinding their support for that rogue terrorist state, and its policies of war, genocide and rape, which are decidely unChristian.


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