Ed Bradley – Dearly Departed Precious Soul

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Ed Bradley – An Irreplaceable Treasure

Ed Bradley: In Memoriam the news flash read.

“What happened!” I exclaimed. ‘We’ve lost him!?’ Why by divine decree must we let go of you now!? How could God deprive us of the greatness of your company? It’s unmerciful! The impermenance of God’s physical world is unendingly cruel and fills my soul with despair and sadness.

The devastating news of your passing is a bitter blow. And a mournful tribute to the communicative power you so wholly possessed and mastered. I never realized how adeptly you managed to penetrate my awareness until the sad news of your untimely passing filled me with distress. I couldn’t contain my tears. And my tears were a testament to your greatness. Without a doubt you were the BEST. Somehow you managed to became a part of me and now I feel cheated by death. Yet your true essence will never leave me. You were untainted by the many things that blemish mere mortals, and your perfect energy will ever endure in this world.

Where have you gone dear one? I’m grieved that you’ve left us. I cry for you. I miss you. My heart breaks without you…

May your journeys through paradise be peaceful and pure and filled with soulful song. May you be elevated to the highest heavens for your love and service of humanity. And if ever I long for the magic that was you, with outstretched hand, I’ll reach into space and touch the subtle recesses of your tender heart.

Farewell sweet soul. My prayers will follow you to the empyrean, where you’ll surely be resting at God’s feet. Thanks for sharing part of your life with me. I’ll always cherish it. No one can replace you.

No one can replace you

You came along from out of nowhere
You took my heart and found it free.
Wonderful dreams, wonderful schemes from nowhere
Made every hour sweet as a flower for me
If you should go back to your nowhere
Leav-ing me with a memory,
I’ll always wait for your return out of nowhere
Hoping you’ll bring your love to me.
Hoping you’ll bring your love to me.
~ Out Of Nowhere Words & Music by Edward Heyman & Johnny Green
Recorded by Lena Horne, 1941

Peaceful journeys sweet soul. The world will not be the same without you.

with love always,



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