When Bhopal Became A Gas Chamber

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by Subodh Varma
3 Dec, 2006 2345hrs

NEW DELHI: Twenty-two years since the leak of a deadly gas from the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal killed over 15,000 people, relatives of the victims and over 5 lakh survivors are still battling for compensation.

And it isn’t just the hapless victims who have been kept waiting for all these years; those who heroically put their lives in danger to save others have fared no better. Brigadier N K Mayne and his wife Asha’s is a case in point.

On December 2, 1984, Brigadier Mayne was woken up from his sleep by a call from the Bhopal district commissioner that something terrible had happened and people appeared to be collapsing due to ammonia-leak. Mayne rushed to the area next to the pesticide factory of Union Carbide. His doctor-wife Asha saw him almost 12 hours later — lying unconscious in hospital. Mayne recalls seeing hundreds of people rushing out of their homes, choking and vomiting, and complaining of burning eyes and stomach pain. Continue reading at LINK – The Times of India

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