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Russians Suffer From No Winter And Gloomy Autumn Depression

Winter in Russia is super warm and absolutely gloomy this year which turns to be a real disaster for the majority of Russians. At that, some are absolutely delighted with the hot winter while others are terribly discouraged with the fact that they cannot see white snow and sunshine for so many days running…It seems that time has stopped when nothing is happening to the scenery in front of your window for six months…When daylight hours reduce in autumn many of us plunge into the habitual autumn depression also known as a seasonal affective disorder. When the human organism gets less sunshine it synthesize less serotonin, the hormone controlling human activity and good spirits; at the same time the organism synthesizes more melatonin, the sleep hormone. So, listlessness, irritability, depression and low spirits are the hormonal reaction to the lack of sunshine. Read Entire Article at LINK

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