Mexican Mafia Ethnically Cleansing LA

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Ethnic Cleansing in L.A.
By Brentin Mock, Intelligence Report. Posted January 20, 2007

Acting on orders from the Mexican Mafia, Latino gang members in Southern California are terrorizing and killing blacks.

Los Angeles, Calif. — Ascending the steep steps that lead from the street to the scene of her son’s murder, 47-year-old Louisa Prudhomme is charged by a Doberman Pinscher. Prudhomme reaches over a gate and gives the guard dog a rough pat on the head.

“Sam doesn’t seem to remember me,” she says.

What Prudhomme will never forget is that just past the snarling Doberman is the apartment on a hill where six years ago her 21-year-old son Anthony was shot in the face with a .25-caliber semi-automatic while lying on a futon she had purchased for him from IKEA. He died wearing a shirt that read, “Keep the Peace.”

Anthony Prudhomme was slain by members of the Avenues, a Latino street gang. But he was not a rival gang member, or a police informant, or a drug dealer. The Avenues did not target him for the content of his character, or even the contents of his apartment.

They targeted him for the color of his skin.

Prudhomme was murdered because he identified himself as black (he was in fact mixed-race) in a neighborhood occupied by one of the many Latino street gangs in Los Angeles County. Incredibly, even though these gangs are fundamentally criminal enterprises interested mainly in money, gang experts inside and outside the government say that they are now engaged in a campaign of “ethnic cleansing” — racial terror that is directed solely at African Americans.

“The way I hear these knuckleheads tell it, they don’t want their neighborhoods infested with blacks, as if it’s an infestation,” says respected Los Angeles gang expert Tony Rafael, who interviewed several Latino street gang leaders for an upcoming book on the Mexican Mafia, the dominant Latino gang in Southern California. “It’s pure racial animosity that manifests itself in a policy of a major criminal organization.” Continue Reading Entire Article At LINK

aura writes: Our national guard troops were overrun recently along the border by a hard core Mexican drug gang and were forced to run for their lives because they are not allowed to arm themselves with bullets. There are thousands of Mexican nationals now being smuggled illegally into LA by the Mexican Mafia. They are given cash by the gangs to purchase homes in LA using money derived from drug sales. These Mexican nationals are being granted loans by the banks without providing the requisite paperwork. These same bankers that don’t ask any questions of the Mexican nationals are then denying African Americans the same home loans. The homes that are purchased through ill gotten gains then provide housing for up to twenty Mexican nationals, who export their brutality and violent lawlessness across the border. They prey on African Americans after gaining entry into this country by moving into their neighborhoods and ethnically cleansing them with a racist murderous hate. Not only do they break our laws by entering our country illegally to sell drugs and kill our citizens, they break city ordinances by having chickens and goats in their yards, relieving themselves outdoors (since many residents reside in one small home), they dry their clothes on the front fence, they throw drunken parties every other night, they grow corn in their yards, and they put up fences illegally across streams.

The recruits carrying out the Ethnic Cleansing campaign are hard core latino skinheads with allegiance to a greater Mexico, and an aversion for African Americans. They ruthlessly kill Africans Americans in their homes, their schools and their neighborhoods, and they sing a song about taking the American Southwest back one street at a time. They are doing this with the full cooperation and knowledge of our elected officials. They have declared war upon our nation and its citizens and it is going on largely uncovered by the mainstream media, whose attention is diverted to Iraq. It is a threat to our national sovereignty and African Americans in LA are bearing the brunt of it with their lives. The same type of activity is also beginning to take root in Arizona.

Ethnic cleansing in 21st century America. Who’d a thunk! I’m completely horrified!

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