Its Not America Any More

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Launching a unilateral war of aggression based on falsified intelligence, undermining our Constitutional freedoms with the passage of the Patriot Act (with full Congressional Support and Approval of almost all Congressional Democrats and Republicans), invading our privacy by illegally wiretapping our phone calls, reading our mail and accessing our library records, and issuing hundreds of signing statements after passing new legislation instead of a veto, are all egregious violations of our Constitutional Rights and behooves our corrupt Congress to impeach Bush and Cheney forthwith. The failure of Democrats to do so immediately is evidence of their complicity with Bush and company’s treasonous neofascist agenda.

Imprisoning enemy combatants and American Citizens alike by entrapment on trumped up charges without credible evidence, then subjecting them to years of unbearable torture, is unconscionable and a gross violation of human rights, the US Constitution and the Geneva conventions. When are Americans going to wake up and realize that if the US government is doing it to these people, its doing it to EVERYONE! BIG BROTHER has now started arresting defense lawyers even duirng non terrorism related trials. And the Department of Defense has recently admitted to surveilling peace groups around the country. For what? Exercising their Constitutional freedoms? Our dispicable criminal government is clearly OUT OF CONTROL and AT WAR with its own citizens. The global banking elite and corporate plutocrats have formed a shadow government and are dismantling our freedoms while steathily succeeding in replacing our Constitutional Republic with a militant form of corporate fascism. They are able to do this by diverting the attention of the American public using multiple methods of distraction, such as escalating our taxes and energy prices, outsourcing jobs to cheap overseas markets (causing widepread job insecuirty), creating runaway inflation, intensifying their unpopular and illegal war for oil, leaving the southern border wide open to encourage the flow of illegal aliens (further depressing wages), and forcing the populace to constantly cope with a plethora of ever changing complex technologies.

How much more are we willing to take? When are we going to stand up and reclaim our country from the global corporate and banking elitists, their lobbyist lackeys and their political puppets in Washington DC? They have all collectively outsourced our manufacturing jobs to Chinese sweatshops and have formed the WTO to flout the hard fought labor and evironmental laws won by our forefathers. In order to reverse this treasonous trend, another American Revolution may be inevitable.

Most of our elected representatives have sold us out to global elitists, and turned our Constitutional Republic into a Corporate Plutocracy. The core values of our once great nation, memorialized on the Washington mall by monuments of stone, have been replaced by the corruption of “K” street lobbyists and their politcial lackeys. The snakepit of Washington, DC is now awash with traitors from both parties and teeming with Chinese and Israeli spies.

It’s not America anymore.


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