Farewell Precious Barbaro – In Memoriam

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Barbaro, originally uploaded by Silverny99.

A Tribute To Supreme Racing Champion, Barbaro

We lost our beloved Champion today,
He vanished through death’s mysterious doorway.
After showing more courage than most people ever do,
His soul, shrouded in our love, passed through the astral veils of heaven,
And into the divine presence of his bountiful Creator.

With fearful resignation, we never stopped hoping,
That someday you would run again through open fields in perfect freedom,
Taking long graceful strides…

But the end finally came on this sad snowy morning,
When the Lord did spirit you away,
Our Beloved Champion,
Precious Barbaro,

May your transition be peaceful, Brave Colt,
and as you gallop across the heavely meadows,
Your wonderous and majestic spirit,
Will live on in my heart forever…

Farewell Gallant Colt, Supreme Barbaro




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