Breaking Bread With The Lawless Traitor In Chief

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Today was so warm and fuzzy for the Democratic Leadership and their rank and file as they smiled warmly at the Traitor in Chief and clapped for him while giddily breaking bread at the Democratic Caucus. What An Absolute DISGRACE! They don’t seem to give a shit that Bush is a Traitor to the Constitution and People of this country, not to mention an international war criminal WHO IS ENDANGERING THE VERY VIABILITY OF THIS PLANET!!! I’d like to put them all on ice flows in the Southern Ocean at this point, I am so disgusted!!! This is NOT what I had in mind when I voted for the Democrats! Give me a break already! This two party system sux. I can’t stand it anymore. I am outraged by the behavior of both parties. IMPEACH THIS GUY ALREADY or risk getting kicked to the curb yourselves idiots!

If this is not an act of betrayal towards the Democratic base and all the other Americans that voted for them, I don’t know what is. The only thing this proves is that the Democrats are nothing more than the controlled rubber stamp opposition for this MADMAN and the corporations that own him and them. All that seems to matter to the lot of them is MONEY and the hell with the rest of us and our Constitutional freedoms! What a fraud!

Wake up, wake up!! They all rammed the Patriot Act through congress (save Russ Feingold), they are now letting him get away with illegally wiretapping us, lying us into a war, and setting up a virtual police state. To stand beside the Dictator and Chief while smiling and clapping is to participate in this Tyranny. They should hang their heads in SHAME!!!

Democrats , Bush , Iraq War


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