Limey Monarch touches down in Virginia Commonwealth

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The Limey Monarch touched down today in the state of Virginia as a symbolic gesture to commemorate the place where some of the first British colonies were set up in America. She was welcomed by state officials with open arms and a cavalcade of royal pagentry so excessive it makes you wonder if they remember the Boston Tea Party.

Do they really believe the British royals have changed that much since then? They better hope her majesty’s royal handbag wasn’t loaded down with sterling silverware after the formal dinner at the Govenor’s mansion. Our founding fathers would be appalled if they saw Virginia officials bowing and scraping before the Queen of the British Empire. One female official greeting the deplaning Queen curtesyed so low she probably damaged her ACL. Like obedient little serfs, Virginia officials pulled out all the stops for the Limey Monarch, but I’m no royal boot licker. In fact, my message to the Queen is quite simple…

Go home you imperialist windbag and take your reptillian brute of a husband with you. Our founding fathers must be spinning in their graves to see commonwealth officials rolling out the red carpet for this aristicratic pig (my apologies to pigs everywhere)! You’re not fooling me, your “travesty”. Many Americans are well aware that you and other European royals, along with your elitist banking allies, are stealthily conspiring to overthrow our sovereign nation and create the North American Union, your very own neo-serf playground. Even while feigning friendship, you continue to enslave us by controlling the issuance of our national currency (at interest) through your agents at the federal reserve.

Despite this deception, you have the gall to strut around like an over the hill peacock in fancy duds that hang from your frumpy frame, all bought and paid for with money stolen by you and your lineage of ruthless monarchs from nations around the world. Nations plundered of their wealth by your savage soldiers, who killed unarmed combatants and left the streets running red with the blood of those you slaughtered for their treasure.

Go home you regal relic and take your prickly prince with you to the iron walls of your privelged palace, built on the bones and blood of your fiefdom’s countless innocent victims.

And take Simon, David and Victoria with you !

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