General Strikes needed nationwide asap to defeat the New World Order

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General Strikes are a very effective means the people have available to them to exert their power and control over our lawless government and big business. If activist groups and organizations enlist their supporters to take part in a series of general strikes, we could quickly put the breaks on elitist tyranny. In order to be effective, the General Strikes must be carried out by a core group of activist organizations with the intention of bringing the government to its knees. For maximum impact, the organizations involved must decide in advance the day that the strike will be carried out in order to deprive government and corporate elitists as much income from tax revenues and profits as possible on the day the action is undertaken. Activist groups must instruct their members not to shop, work or open their businesses on the day of the action so the govenment and big business will start feeling the pinch and taking the financial hits for a change instead of us.

General strikes will quickly get the attention of the ruling elite and corrupt government officials by depriving them of the tax revenue and profits they depend on to pay police and other bureacratic agents that run their security apparata. New World Order elitists are so greedy that even the idea of taking a financial hit will shake them to the core and it will be a shot across the bow from our side. A series of well coordinated general strikes can quickly add up to governmental budgetary shortfalls and hit Wall Street square in the pocket, so their impact cannot be understated, particularly on the state and local levels.

A series of general strikes can be organized by reaching out to like minded grassroots organizations, such as anti war and peace groups, environmentalists, anti immigration groups, tax protesters, 2nd amendment advocates, anti Zionists organizations, 9-11 truthers, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, patriotic liberals and conservatives, and any other concerned citizen that might be interested in taking part in the action. The general strikes must take place on the designated date agreed upon in order to inflict maximum financial damage on the New World Order tyrants that seek to enslave us. So everyone must be on the same page when it comes to the date of the action.

To give you an idea of just how effective general strikes are, a defacto general strike took place in the United States in the weeks following the attacks of September 11th. The nation was in such a deep state of mourning that the public didn’t resume their consumer spending for a good three to four weeks after the event. The financial impact on the revenues of government and big business was so profound because of it that Bush finally called a press conferece and cried, “Nobody’s shopping!” Ghouliani also was on TV begging people to come to New York and spend money.

In order to organize the General Strikes, hosts like Alex Jones and other GCN personalities could explain the stategy to their listeners during their radio shows, and websites such as Rense and could post articles about it for their readers. Cyber geeks could also be recruited to explain the strategy on web forums across the political spectrum in cyberspace. Once enough coordination had taken place amongst the grassroots organizations involved and the date for the General Strike had been set, that information could be widely publicized via radio, the internet and through articles written and posted on websites like

General Strikes empower the people to directly bring about government change, even more so than marches or direct confrontations with the authorities. This is true because people can participate in general strikes wherever they are without fear of confrontation. They can do so right where they live and no one even has to know about it. They just simply have to stop shopping, using electricity, going to work or opening their business on the designated day in order for the strikes to have a negative effect on government revenue streams. The financial effects of a strike will be felt by the elitists even if not all citizens participate becasue of tight budgets. It is likely more citizens will join in the actions as the economic condition in the country worsens, so if we get the ball rolling now the movement will most likely pick up momentum. The strikes could start small, and hopefully gain steam as more people join.

General strikes can bring governments to their knees, and have the added benefit of not posing any personal risk to the activists or citizens involved. The key to their success is bringing all the activist groups under the same umbrella so they’ll all engage in the strike on the same day. This is necessary to do maximum damage to big brother’s tax operation and to the businesses of the corporate elitists. It doesn’t matter if a business owner that participates in the strike loses business on that day to a competitor (who may not be participating) since the goal of the strike is to hurt the government’s tax revenues and to cut into big businesses’ profits. For that reason, even alittle bit goes a long way.

In order to recruit more mainstream members of the public to take part in the action (those who may not belong to activists organizations or have access to the internet) we could take out a full page ad in the NY Times and Washington Post 72 hours before the general strike was to take place saying something like this;

Concerned Citizens,

If you feel that our elected representatives are leading America in the wrong direction, and that they act like they are no longer accountable to We the People, but are instead beholden to the corporate interests that finance their election campagins, please join us in a general strke that will be taking place nationwide on ____________(date to be decided). If you wish to participate in this action on the designated day, you can do so by not driving, by not buying gas (or any other corporate product that day), by calling in sick to work or by shuttering your business that day, by not sending your child to school, and by not shopping at all on the designated day of the general strikes unless absolutely necessary. We also encourage you to use electricity sparingly on the day of the stike. Do not watch TV and avoid the internet, but rather read, contemplate or pray that the voice of the people will once again be restored to the political process in a meaningful way. Refrain from your normal activity on the day of the general strike by taking the day off and staying home with your family. This action is being undertaken to bring the wheels of commerce to a standstill in order to make our voice heard in the corridors of power in Washington, and to make our government heed to the will of the people. We the people must take this action to have our democratic rights and freedoms restored. We urge you to take part in this historic action to help bring about positive change in our communities, our nation and our world. If the government and big business are denied their tax revenues and profits for even one day, they will have to start listening bowing to the will of We the People instead of the other way around. Therefore we implore you to join us and take part in a general strike on Monday _______ (date to be decided)

Thank you patriot,

Grassroots Coalation for Global Change

An ad like the one above could be paid for by donations set up on the websites of activist organization taking part in the strike. It would also serve to alert the general public of the action, and hopefully recruit those eager for change to take part.

IMHO, general strikes are a highly effective activist tool that must be employed at this time. Aaron Russo suggested using them in one of his videos and they are used to devastating effect even today by the people of India. I’ll help coordinate the general strikes in whatever way I can from my command post. If Gandhi can do it, so can we.

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