Action Alert! Ride Michael Moore’s popularity to spread 9-11 truth at theaters in your area

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aura writes: I did an informal survey within my community and found that only four people out of the twenty I canvassed knew about the collapse of WTC 7. That means we have our work cut out for us, which is why I am encouraging everyone to heed my call to action and show up at theaters screening Michael Moore’s new documentary “Sicko”, which premieres this weekend. Bring copies of CD’s such as “Loose Change”, “Terrorstorm” and “America from Freedom to Fascism.” If you don’t have time to burn CD’s, simply show up at theaters in your area and hand out fliers or hold up placards that say somethng like this;

9-11 was an Inside job. Google WTC Building 7. For more information, go to,,,, etc.

Lets ride the coattails of what is shaping up to be Michael Moore’s next blockbuster documentary, and use it to lay the groundwork for the inevitable paradigm shift. See you at the theater…

‘Sicko’ Socko at the Box Office

Michael Moore’s latest film, “Sicko,” was a smash hit over the weekend. The documentary about the health care industry was sold out at all its “sneak” screenings in 43 locations around the country including Cleveland, Boston, Atlanta and Detroit.

In New York, at the AMC Lincoln Square, where “Sicko” began an exclusive run on Friday, Moore’s funny and quite sad look at how Americans might benefit from universal health care sold out its entire run. The total box office at the theater was over $70,000 — possibly a record for an exclusive showing.

This was the only really good news for the box office weekend, as both the incredibly expensive comedy “Evan Almighty” and the highly touted “A Mighty Heart” were disappointments. The latter, however, should have a decent run and return during awards season.

But as far as igniting the passion of audiences, “Sicko” had the field to itself. On Friday night, Moore and one of his producers attended the 7:45 p.m. Lincoln Square screening, unobtrusively and out of sight of the audience.

When the show ended, a standing ovation ensued, with cheering that culminated in Moore ultimately revealing he was there. The situation got so out of hand that the fire marshal came in to clear the theater.

Moore told me on Saturday night what happened next:

“We tried to leave the theater and people just followed us outside onto the street. All the way down and out of the theater they were applauding. Out on the street we had our own Q&A session,” he said.

He was wide-eyed as he told me this over dinner at Prime 103 in East Hampton where swells like Candice Bergen and Roy Scheider, designer Tommy Hilfiger as well as famed “In America” director Jim Sheridan were among the A-list guests who had come to applaud him.

Many of the guests headed over from another swell get-together, at the home of attorney Gerald Lefcourt, who entertained NBC’s Jeff Zucker, Conan O’Brian producer Jeff Ross and perennial favorite Kelsey Grammer with wife Camille.

The Friday night situation at Lincoln Square, by the way, turned into such a mess that the 11 p.m. show was delayed. When Moore went into that theater — now he was obviously there — there was more cheering as he walked down the center aisle at the end and fans chanted “Speech!”

Around the country, audiences were said to be similarly moved by the “Sicko” screenings… Link


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