Health Care Proposal

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icmp writes:
Hey, I’ve been an anarcho-capitalist for some time now and, although I have pretty much been aware of the way the US health care/insurance industry is corrupted (by government/fascism) I decided to watch Michael Moores new documentary Sicko .. Of course, his emotional approach did not surprise me but I was curious why there was very little mention on how the actual costs of european/socialized health care so I did a little research and of course found it to be not so much of a great improvement (if any) of the US

But a thought occurred to me.. we’ve gone through this before with another industry: Banks. It’s highly obvious to most people who have researched it to know that the banking industry overall is controlled by a handful of bankers at the federal reserve who, largely despite what their clients want, set rates and regulations to maximize their own profit often at everyone elses expense — be it monetarily or inconvenience.

If we consider this, what was societies answer? Credit unions. Private entities “owned” by its constituent members.. In essence, the shareholder problem of huge multinational corporations is eliminated and their authority is transfered where it counts: the PEOPLE who support the entity itself.

I’ll admit this is in my view a new idea that needs further exploration before it could conceivably be viable BUT I really think this idea could solve many of the problems in the US — especially if it is in concert with reducing the economic stranglehold that big Pharm and insurance has on the industry already (to reduce prices)

If you don’t follow where I’m going with this, let me try to briefly describe my solution: This private “credit union”-like entity would solicit members who choose various plans/premiums and are issued something like a credit card to be used at any medical institution to pay for goods/services. Based on their premium, they would be allowed a certain amount of monthly expenditures and anything more would be subject to approval by the board of directors (who are directly accountable and elected by the members) perhaps by phone or otherwise.

Depending on the severity of the issue, I imagine that some requests for insurance could request approval from other members as well who could in turn, ie, offer temporary rate increases to cover the unforeseen health expense of another member.

There could also be monthly dividend/refunds of basically unused premiums sent BACK to members.. The possibilities here seem endless.

Isn’t this where health care should be? I would feel MUCH better about helping my fellow citizens out with such a system than simply throwing it at the government and hoping for the best.

I mostly just really want some feedback on this as I don’t think it’s been mentioned anywhere else — and considering the lack of political choice on the horizon I think it’s now or never to voice potential alternatives.




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