Michael Moore served subpoena by Bush administration

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Watch Michael Moore break news about the subpeona he received from the theif in cheif’s administration live on Leno

Video – Michael Moore on Leno Part One
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aura writes; Even though our troops in Iraq are dying in ever increasing numbers, and survivors of Katrina and Rita are dying in formaldehyde infested trailers, the Bush administration has taken time away from its campagin of trying to cover up the circumstances of Pat Tillman’s death by withholding documents related to it on the basis of executive privelege, our 26% approval rating p(R)esident in theif still somehow finds the time to subpoena Michael Moore to answer questions about a trip he took to Cuba to investigate to try and get health care for rescue workers of the 9-11 terrorist attacks that could not receive care in the United States. Which begs the question, were the ailing 9-11 rescue workers also subpoenaed by the theif in cheif to answer question too? Maybe not since that would open up a hornet’s nest of attention for the mainstream media, and cause Bush’s approval ratings to sink into the single digits.

Michael Moore says he’s been served
BURBANK, Calif., July 26 (UPI)

— Michael Thursday said the Bush administration has served him with a subpoena regarding his trip to Cuba during the making of his new film, “Sicko.”

The Oscar-winning filmmaker, who appeared Thursday on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” said he was notified about the subpoena at the network’s studios in Burbank, Calif.

“I haven’t even told my own family yet,” Moore said. “I was just informed when I was back there with Jay that the Bush administration has now issued a subpoena for me.”

Moore filmed the trip as part of his film comparing the U.S. healthcare system with government healthcare systems in other countries.

He took three Sept. 11, 2001, emergency rescue workers to Guantanamo Bay “because I heard the al-Qaida terrorists we have in the camps there, detained, are receiving free dental, medical, eye care, the whole deal, and our own (Sept. 11) rescue workers can’t get that in New York City.”

Moore said the film’s distributor, the Weinstein Co., will donate 11 percent of “Sicko’s” box-office receipts Aug. 11 to “help these workers and the other workers who need help.” LINK