Alex Jones called out by reader for biased report, which shifts blame for Beslan massacre from western sponsored Chechen agents to Putin

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  • aura writes; Alex Jones was recently called on the carpet in the comments section by a reader remarking on an extremely inaccurate and biased article that read like a propaganda piece, which was penned by prisonplanet staff writer Paul Joseph Watson. The reader angrily rebukes the article for its shoddy research and shady reporting, as Paul Joseph Watson on behalf of Alex Jones, suspiciously seeks to shift blame for the Beslan massacre away from Chechan operatives, which evidence suggests were running a western sponsored black op, to Vladimir Putin. The position taken by prisonplanet in the article falls right in line with that of London based Russian exile Boris Berevosky. This hit piece directed at Putin by Paul Joseph Watson was so short on facts and so heavy on fiction, that it made discerning readers of the website wonder whether Alex was indeed allied with the globalists he constantly rails against, as so many on the interent have been claiming. In skeptical remarks I left about the piece in the comments section for the article, I challenged Alex Jones to post full bios for both of prisonplanet’s UK based writers, Paul Joseph Watson and Steve Watson, but as of yet, Alex has failed to do so. Even if he had, the question remains; Why is Alex Jones directly supporting Boris Berevosky’s position? Is it pure folly or is he being paid to do it? The jury’s still out on that.

    The following critque of the Paul Joseph Watson hit piece of Putin was left by a shocked reader in the comments section provided for discussion of the article, where Alex did nothing to prop up his questionable position.

      Wow! Mr.Kasparov’s PR people managed to fool an editor of the web-site that prides itself on uncovering the truth behind the mainstream news.

      This “new” video does not show anything new. Yes, there were explosions outside the school, because the Chechens were shooting at the Ministry of Emergencies people that came to pick up few bodies of the local guards killed by terrorists on the 1st Sept.2004. The МЧС people been killed and a dozen of children tried to escape during the shooting… Many of them were shot by the Chechens in their backs!!!!

      This was all over the world in the LIVE coverage of the events. It is only Mr. Kasparov’s people, thanks to Mr. Berezovsky’s or Mr.Nevzlin’s money, claim that they managed to find “new evidence”. This “evidence” in fact supports the official version – CHECK THE FACTS.

      No wonder that web-sites like this one are considered neither serious nor credible. Check the facts first, then post press-releases of President Putin’s sworn enemies like the crook Berezovsky and his puppets in “Other Russia”.

      By the way, the buildings in Moscow and Volgodonsk have been exploded about one week AFTER the Chechens, lead by Basayev, suffered DEFEAT by the Russian Army in Dagestan and been pushed back to Chechnya with the help of the Dagestani population. Only then the bombs exploded inside Russia killing hundreds of civilians. Isn’t it obvious who was interested at the time in terror against the Russian civilians? The Russian Army under newky appointed Prime-Minister Putin, that scored big victory against Chechens in Dagestan and was preparing to finish this cancer once and for all in Chechnya itself? The bombings were like the warning to Putin and the Army not to cross the border with Chechnya. Russia or FSB or whoever else did not need any further justification for the second war in Chechnya – Chechens started the war themselves by invading Russian territory, the Dagestan.

      I should remind you as well that at the time – in 1999 – Russian FSB was still more of an instrument of powerful crooks like Berezovsky who was buying cheaply FSB agents to help him out in his mafiosi dealings, than a governmental agency engaged in protecting Russian state and Russian citizens.

      Shame on the author of this piece for not being able to really research both stories. There is plenty material from both the Russian and Western press about the events in Dagestan in 1999 and the Beslan massacre BY THE CHECHENS and their foreign “friends” in 2004.

      Do not treat Russians as complete idiots and have more respect for your visitors to this site.
      Reader | 08.04.07 – 5:41 am | #

  • Beslan Psyop analyzed by Joe Vialls LINK

    At 9 a.m. on September 1, 2004, Beslan school in southern Russia was seized by a group of unknown terrorists. Shots were exchanged with local police and death toll reports ranged from two to eight. Russian Special Forces secured he perimeter and, despite continual goading by western media, decided to sit it out. This was logical and correct tactical behavior, meaning that any subsequent deaths would be attributed directly to the terrorists within, rather than to Russian Special Forces. All mobile phones were confiscated by the terrorists and a single land line was used for communications, meaning that no one outside the compound could possibly know what was happening inside.

    Fifty-two hours later at 1 p.m. on September 3, paramedics were lured into the outer school compound by the terrorists to “retrieve bodies of dead hostages that have been lying in front of the building for two days”. Explosions were heard immediately after their entry, and then the impossible happened.

    At 1.05 p.m., from outside the Special Forces exclusion zone, BBC reporters told us all live- to-air that the terrorists within had “detonated bombs located in the school basketball hoops, killing several emergency service workers [the paramedics]”. At that precise stage in the proceedings the only way that the English media voice [allegedly from the BBC] could have known about basketball hoop bombs, was if he was an integral part of the terrorist team.

    Remember here that even Russian Special Forces did not know about these bombs until 50 minutes later, when they were finally coerced into storming the school gymnasium. And as the Russian Special Forces unit stormed the building, 19 of its members were killed by shots in the back, thereby opening up a gap in the perimeter through which many of the terrorists excaped. It was remarkably accurate shooting from the rear, at high elevation and long range.

    On September 8, five days after the initial attack, startled viewers in the west were suddenly shown broadcast quality video footage from inside the gymnasium during the siege itself. It was pure shock and awe footage, psychologically reinforcing the deliberately manufactured belief that Muslims in general are ‘evil terrorists who attack unarmed women and children’.

    No, they are not. This artistic broadcast-quality psychological creation was first put to air by Moscow Television in Russia, but only after it had been delivered from Georgia, by scheduled airline via London.

  • The Strategy of Tension
    The panel on the “Strategy of Tension” was opened by Michael Liebig, who warned that the terror attacks, such as that in Beslan, must be seen as part of irregular warfare of synarchist financial circles.

    Dr. Konstantin Cheremnykh, a psychiatrist and political analyst from St. Petersburg, noted that LaRouche’s analyses and proposals have been taken very seriously at the highest levels in Russia over the past years. Russia’s relations with the United States, he said, have deteriorated since the Iraq war very significantly. And he pointed out that President Putin had held foreign interests, who seek the disintegration of the Russian Federation, responsible for the bloodbath in Beslan. LINK – EIR

    aura writes in conclusion: Alex, you got alot of explaining to do – between editing ‘End Game’, of course.

    “The most dangerous lie is that which most closely resembles the truth.”
    Jan Groenveld

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