‘We do our duty, consequence belongs to God’

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One Love

“Think about that line, ‘You act like you never had love, and you won’t need to do without’, and that’s what happened. We’ve got a nation of several generations of people who have no idea what liberty or freedom or being an American are, or what our heritage is all about and you want us to stand down, you want us to back off, you want us to shut up while our country and our sovereignty and our borders and everything we’ve been and everything we’ll ever be is being destroyed. You got the nerve, you neocons on message boards, on digg and on talk radio, Michael Medved, to call us traitors and to call us conspiracy theorists just because we’re informed and you knowingly lie to your audience and you knowingly try to keep them from the truth and you try to keep them from learning with the serious peril this nation and this planet is in, and all these people do have is hurt. That’s all the New World Order is and all its ever going to be; a bunch of murdering, killing, stealin’ filth. And they run around seeing what they can devour, trying to intimidate people into submission.

I say its time to stand up on our own hind legs and grow a spinal column and let them know we’re not going to bow down to them. We’re going to fight them. If we die its going to be on our own legs , not on our knees in a ditch…

We do our duty, consequence belongs to God.”

~ Alex Jones, August 28th, 2007


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