As financial tsunami looms, Greenspan fingers dumbya

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Fed veteran Alan Greenspan lambasts George W Bush on economy

THE highly respected former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, launches a harshly critical attack on President George W Bush’s economic competence in his memoir published tomorrow.

While his declaration that America’s prime motive for the Iraq war was oil will set off one political storm, his onslaught against Republican fiscal mismanagement will cause another, just as the economy becomes a big issue in the primary election campaign. LINK


EyeBelieve writes; One wonders why anyone in their right mind would spend $$ on Greenspan’s tripe. Like his other Tribe-folk he is dumping criticism on Dubya who did nothing more than to follow the Joo agenda. “Bubbles” Greenspan did vast damage to the USA before Dubya was ever “selected”.

In addition, Greenspan reportedly does most of his writing longhand while sitting in the bathtub. He had one of the most important jobs in the world…the MSM used to swear he was a genius…but computers are a mystery to him apparently. I pity the poor shlub who has to decipher his water-logged chicken scratches. LINK


aura writes; Greenspan continues to further the nefarious aims of the Federal Reserve by bashing Bush and praising Clinton (thereby reinforcing the left/right paradigm) in his fanciful memoirs. Greenspan portrays himself as a blameless bystander and the mere victim of dumbya’s economic follies, and unaware of the subpirme mess he made. He claims he didn’t completely understand the dynamics of the subprime market and its global implications. Anyone whose followed Greenscam’s career as Fed chairman knows that’s a crock of steaming shit. The cryptic statements he often made during his celebrated tenure at the Fed revealed a great deal about his understanding of what was going on. He knew full well that the Fed policies he was imposing would ultimately result in global meltdown. Now he’s playing dumb. When he said he didn’t understand why the Chinese would accept little pieces of paper in return for physical goods, he said a mouthful. Too bad when Greenscam was penning his memoirs in the bathtub he didn’t sink to the bottom and stay there, since he’s the ultimate bottom feeder. He must have been wearing his golden parachute.

Greenscam’s comments about dumbya are quite telling. It indicates dumbya may soon be packing his bags for an unscheduled trip to the Hague. The Fed’s oligarchs need a fall guy and dumbya is their dupe. The Fed cheifs must have given Greenscam the go ahead to take down dumbya, and that will signal their other CFR lackeys to do the same. The village idiot is about to be flogged in the public square. But the banking cartels behind the flogging are about to go down in flames as well. May they crash and burn spectacularly.


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