Mr. Skull and Bones stands idle as UF student mauled by Univerity Police

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aura writes; John Kerry, you are an absolute disgrace. How dare you stand by cracking jokes while thise kid is attacked and tazed by vicious cops. You suck!!! I hate you and your party more everyday. This brings back bad memories of when I was banned by your lackeys on democraticunderground for stating the obvious – that you were a member of Skull and Bones just like dumbya. The dems have to protect the brain dead among them from the truth. Here is what the dembots over at democraticunderground are saying about the violent arrest of Meyer. Have a barf bag handy while you read what the pollyanna dems are vomiting up. HERE.

Bennyboy (757 posts) writes: Mon Sep-17-07 07:40 PM

“UF student goes berserk at John Kerry Speech!”


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