Is it enough now, Nancy?

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AIPAC Nancy strikes a Zionist pose

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You have been reluctant to investigate the crimes of the Bush Administration, despite demands from the American people that you do so. You have either been very neglectful of your responsibilities, or complicit in the crimes committed.

Now we know that George Bush lied to all of us regarding his involvement in the outing of Valerie Plame, an undercover, COVERT CIA agent whose job was to learn who did and who did not have nuclear weapons. And this outing happened during a time of war.

The pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fit together now, Nancy. Bush let Scooter take the fall for himself and others, with the assurance to Scooter that he would not serve time in prison. Bush is covering up his own crimes.

Is this enough, Nancy? Is this enough to get you off your butt and do your job? Your approval ratings are lower than the criminal in the White House. Will this be the final straw? If not, what is it going to take? Another illegal war based on lies? They are already making moves in that direction.

It’s time for you to act now, Nancy. Impeachment must be put on the table for Thanksgiving. You are making it more difficult for Dems going into 2008 by your inaction. Instead of insuring a Dem sweep, you are making it easier for the GOP to frame the Dems as “do nothing” because you aren’t doing anything.

So, do something – like your job – and get out a big platter for impeachment. It will be a nice Thanksgiving gift to the American people. LINK


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