A Guide for introducing 9-11 truth to the sheeple

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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win“.

~ Mohandas Gandhi

When introducing 9-11 turth to the Kool-aide drinking masses, truthers should exercise an abundance of patience and forbearance. It is said that “patience is all the strength man needs.” It is imperative that truthers disseminating information about the 9-11 cover up NOT take the initial reaction of the sheeple so personally. Remember, you are shattering a false truth or belief system they have about the government and turning it on its head. Much of that person’s security has been wrapped up in that false reality, and once they are confronted with hard evidence that they have in fact been lied to, feelings of shock and disbelief cause them to lash out at the messenger. Part of the initial shock they feel is due to the fact that their ego has been brusied so badly because they allowed themselves to be duped by corrupt federal officials for so long. Keep in mind that whenever a balloon is stuck by a pin, it makes a loud pop, so when you introduce someone to 9-11 truth you are essentially popping their balloon (ego) with a sharp pin (the truth). For this reason, you should expect a loud pop which may take the form of anger. When this inevitably and predictably happens, try to stay intensely focused on your subject and keep penetrating their consciousness with your acute awareness of the truth. This act on you part is veryily a form of initiation that takes place energetically in the moments when the truth is being revealed. Your energy (swathed in truth) is pentrating them (the pin) and popping their ego (the balloon), which believes it cannot be fooled about such things. Have compassion for them and what they are going through, because none of us likes to be duped. Once you’ve finished bursting their balloon, try to calmly deflect their emerging state of anger and denial by refocusing them on the truth. You are in effect retraining their minds to be more discriminating, and that process is akin to teaching a child how to ride a bike. If they become angry, remain calm and respectful (if at all possible), as long as they are not threatening you with physical harm. If they remain open to engaging you on the facts, continue planting the seeds of truth in their mind, whether or not they initially believe you. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even if they argue with you, be calm and respectfully put forth the turth, sprinkled with empathetic statements conveying your own disappointment at this reality, which may set off a light bulb in their head.

You may not in all cases be able to convert people immediately to the truth, but we are all subject to the principles of the 100 monkeys theory when we are working to create a new paradigm. The hundred monkey theory works like this – One monkey starts doing a novel activity, than another sees what the first monkey is doing and follows suit, then another monkey mimics that behavior and another until a hundred monkeys have started doing it. Once the number one hundred is reached, every monkey in the species converts over to the novel activity and starts doing it spontaneously WITHOUT first seeing it. That happens once this novel activity becomes ingrained in the mass consciousness of a species after a certain number of monkeys start doing it. At a certain point, a magic number is reached, pushing the knowledge or activity over the threshold of critical mass, where it imbeds itself into the stream of mass consciousness. That process of can be compared to a video going viral on the internet. The same prinicple of a viral video also applies to the disseminaiton of knowledge subconsciously to the masses once it is introduced to the species by a select number of participants (infowarriors). We should be confident and cognizant of that fact when we are spreading 9-11 truth, which at some point will start spontaneously spreading like wildfire among the general population. What we don’t know is the number of initiates it will take to reach critical mass on a national level, but we are quickly making strides towards it. Spreading the truth works to our advantage no matter how entrenched the official lies have become, because truth quickly usurps everything in its path since people hunger for it on the deepest levels.

Dan Wallace from wearechange.com was very good at approaching people and converting them to the truth in the way I described above. IMO, the criminals currently in charge of our government were aware of that, and it could be the reason why he is no longer (physically) with us. Have confidence in yourself when you are spreading the truth and allow yourself to b an instrument of change. You must have thick skin if you stand for truth in this world. Christ walked on water, fed the masses with afew loaves of bread and fish, and even raised Lazarus – and look what they did to him. They won’t treat you any better, so try not to take it personally. Distance yourself within from the koolaide drinking public’s ignorance and don’t let it taint you. We are living in a dark age which will be ending in 2012. Things always get bad at the end of a dark age because it dredges up the all the psychic dirt.

Disciples of the New World Order are in control of the power structure FOR NOW, but that won’t be the case for too much longer because they are violating too many sacred laws. That will soon reach a point of critical mass and result in instant karma. All those who’ve chosen to remain asleep for various reasons will also be forecd to pay a price for their ignorance when that instant karma hits. What NWO types forget is that those who rely on God have more going for them then those who don’t, because God is truth. We are all beggars at the footstool of God and the squeaky wheel gets the oil. In this case we are the squeaky wheel and the oil we’re squeaking for is truth. Have faith that God is riding shotgun with you, and talk to him as though you were talking to your best friend. Always ask for his help and guidance and share your highs and lows with him.

Since truthers are doing God’s work by spreading truth, make God responsible for getting it done and don’t feel as though everything is resting on your shoulders. This is God’s creation and in the end HE is responsible for setting things right. However, truthers are his all important instruments of change, and therefore ask for his help and grace when spreading the truth.

God throws all this New World Order evil at us to test us. He wants to see if fear, or wealth, or the many temptations of the flesh will make us abandon the truth. He sets the bar very high to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Many fail the test. The ones left standing in the end are bombarded with the most amazing grace imaginable. Here’s a rule of thumb for you to follow when spreading the truth. You can wake someone up who’s asleep, but you can’t wake up someone up who’s pretending to be asleep. So stick to waking up those who are actually sleeping, and let God deal with the pretenders.

Stay strong and remain in his light by NEVER wavering from the truth, where all the power lies. And demand that God aid you everyday, in everyway as you walk your path with him riding shotgun.

Now go out and spread the truth without attachment, and with full faith that critical mass is right around the corner.



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