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aura writes; Peace be with you this Christmas. For the past five years, my Christmas has been as quiet as possible. I avoided shopping this holiday and didn’t even send out a card. I wrote a couple up but never got around to mailing them. I am not in a bah humbug mood, but my mood is tempered by the many people in this world who are suffering and strugglling to stay afloat. The last time I shopped was in 2004, buying lots of socks and stylish sweaters and calendars for people. In the years that followed I cut out the shopping and donated money to a needy family. This year my colleagues at work did the same instead of doing a grab bag. Money was collected by the whole department and given to a needy family so they would not be evicted from their home.

The greatest gift anyone could receive is the gift of peace, which is our Lord Jesus’ gift to us. Even if you work yourself up into a shopping frenzy, you still feel peace iin the end I suppose after all the gifts are unwrapped, all the cooking is done and all the guests are contented. Or there are those who make a conscious effort to remain centered and stay out of the material feeding frenzy that goes on during the holidays. Then the holiday itself is extremely peaceful, since mosts store where I live are closed and everyone is remembering the greatness of God.

Savor the everlasting peace that is and always will be Christmas day, because we’ll have to wait a whole ‘nother year to experience it again. Peace be with you and yours always.


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