Ron Paul schools Tim Russert on the fall of the American Empire and its emerging state of corporate fascism on Sunday’s ‘Meet the Press’

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aura writes; Ron Paul sat down with Tim Russet yesterday, December 23rd, on Meet the Press for a half hour interview. It appeared as though Russert knew little about Representative Paul’s stances on the issues, such as his views on the failing US economy and the collapse of the dollar, the unrelenting attack by Bush and Congress on our civil liberties, the deteriorating state of our health care system or his ideas for ending the quagmire in Iraq. In short, Russert showed no inclination whatsoever to explore why Dr. Paul’s campagin has attracted so much grass roots support thus far that he’s managed to raise more money in a single day than any other candidate in history. Instead of focusing on Dr. Paul’s spectacular fundraising successes or his superstar status on the internet or the positions that have earned him such robust support, Russert tried to foolisly pigeonhole Dr. Paul by asking boring questions about positions and statements he made nearly twenty years earlier. This gave the interview a decidedly retro feel, and made it topically inconsequential when it came to issues important to voters today. Russert’s interview lacked substance and focus, and he frequently interrupted Dr. Paul mid sentence with gotcha politically charged asides (as opposed to relevant questoins clarifying policy positions) as the candidate attempted to answer. Despite the obstructionist nature of Russert’s interview, Dr. Paul effectively got his points across and defended his policy positions before the American sheeple.

The highlight of the interview was when Dr. Paul schooled Russert on the fact that all empires fall, likening it to how our once great Republic has fallen to the dangers of soft fascism in the form of Corporatism. Dr. Paul elaborated for the conceptually challenged Russert, pointing out that this unfortunate and dangerous transformation had occured because industry paid lobbyists had successfully subverted the democratic process and the will of the American people by buying favor with Congress and the White House in the district of criminals for the past thirty years on behalf of their transnational corporate patrons. Dr. Paul informed Russert that this massive lobbying effort had led to the enactment of the corporate transnational agenda, and the subsequent emergence of the corporate state with its soft fascist leanings. The moderator seemed genuinely surprised by this fact and as an expression of daft surprise came over his chubby face, he asked, “Do you really think the country has fallen to fascism?” Dr. Paul replied yes and used the opportunity to recommend the film, America; From Freedom to Fascism to the uniformed Russert and his audience of sheeple. The interview ended with a not so veiled threat by Russert, who advised Dr. Paul to “Stay safe on the campagin trail.”

Holy spiked eggnog batman! Nothing like some old fashion holiday cheer, Herbert Hoover style.

by aura

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