Doctors struggled to revive Bhutto, claims hospital report

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28 Dec 2007, 1208 hrs IST,PT/ISLAMABAD: Doctors at a Rawalpindi hospital struggled for over half-an-hour to revive former Pakistan Premier Benazir Bhutto after she was shot by a suicide attacker, before declaring her dead.

A report sent by the Rawalpindi General Hospital to the Punjab provincial government said all efforts by its doctors to revive Bhutto failed and she was declared dead 41 minutes after she was brought to the emergency department at 5.35 pm local time.

The hospital’s report said Bhutto had open wounds on her left temporal bone from which “brain matter was exuding”. It said she was not breathing when she was brought to hospital and her pulse and blood pressure “were not recordable”.

It said Bhutto was taken to the operation theatre where “immediate resuscitation was started” by a team of doctors headed by the principal of the Rawalpindi Medical College. LINK


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