Clues to the identities of Benazir Bhutto’s killers

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Who killed Benazir?
5 Jan 2008, 2148 hrs IST,B Raman

Who could have been responsible for her assassination? There are allegations and speculation, but no evidence as yet. The involvement of Musharraf and other senior army and intelligence officers is unlikely. They did not like her, but they would have been able to marginalise her by rigging the elections. They did not have to get her killed. Moreover, if they had wanted to have her killed, they would not have done it at Rawalpindi, where deniability would be weak.

The involvement of pro-jihadi junior and middle level officers is a stronger possibility. The investigation into the attempts to kill Musharraf at Rawalpindi in December, 2003, brought out the involvement of some junior Army and Air Force officers, who had been allegedly won over by Al-Qaida and the Jaish-e-Mohammad. (JEM).

The strongest possibility is the involvement of Al-Qaidaand/or pro-Al-Qaida jihadi organisations with the complicity of junior and middle level army and intelligence officers. Pakistan has many jihadi terrorist organisations. It has also dozens of angry individuals who have been carrying out suicide strikes in reprisal for the commando action in the Lal Masjid of Islamabad in July last.

All of them had a strong motive for wanting to kill her because she was a woman and, according to them, the daughter of a Shia. They also viewed her as the cat’s paw of the US. Of these organisations, only the anti-Shia Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LEJ) has a demonstrated capability for a terrorist strike in Karachi and Rawalpindi and for using with deadly accuracy a hand-held weapon as well as a suicide bomber. The LEJ has some excellent sharp-shooters recruited from among ex-servicemen. Read entire article HERE


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