Tears and sorrow at Heath Ledger’s final curtain call

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We all learned today with despair and horror that one of Hollywood’s most gifted and gorgeous actors, Heath Ledger, died suddenly. His passing is another example of how life cheats us in a way that is beyond tragic. According to initial reports, drugs may have played a part in actor Heath Ledger unwittingly severing his connection to his mortal frame. No one knows what went on in the final moments of his life. He was alone (save for God’s omnipresence) when it seems a lethal combination of pharmaceuticals wreaked havoc on his system, causing his vital organs to fail. It is clear from reports that Ledger was depressed and struggling emotionally due to deep pain after his break up five short months ago from beautiful Michelle Williams, the mother of his baby.

Ledger reportedly drudged up a toxic soup of black emotions during his latest role as the joker in The Dark Knight. It sounds as though the unstable mind set he evoked to play the role may have proved too tenacious to dispel once filming had ended. Due to Ledger’s youth, he had not yet mastered the ability to reign in the plethora of complex emotions he was compelled to access to successfully execute his craft. Ledger most likely lacked in depth knowledge of his physical health as well, judging from reports that he had difficulty overcoming insomnia. His battle with insomnia most likely fueled his feelings of depression, and led to a vicious cycle that tragically ended with his accidental overdose at his Soho apartment in New York City. A number of reports also claim Ledger had suffered from a bout of pneumonia, but those are unconfirmed and no information has been forthcoming about treatments he may have sought for it. Apparently Ledger had been relying on multiple doses of Ambien to get to sleep, but those proved ineffective. His inability to get the proper rest combined with the dark emotions he had to dredge up to play his movie roles undoubtedly contributed to his dark moods and prolonged feelings of depression. All of these factors proved fatal, and led to Ledger being found face down naked at the foot of his bed, already dead by the time he’d been discovered.

Reports state Heath Ledger liked to party and was a regular cigarette smoker. These vices make it much more difficult for someone to bring their shadow side under control, because they tear holes in a person’s ‘aura’, which allows the soul’s radiance to escape. These substances also cause a haze or cloud to surround your body, which blocks light from penetrating through to the deeper psychic levels. Ledger probably did not understand this aspect of his nature, or he would have most likely sought help to control his addictions. Since he was living in Manhattan, it would have been easy for him to find a yoga class to help him deal with his anxieties, and open him up to higher vibratory levels. These pursuits would have led to greater growth and maturity and enabled him to better handle the psychic turmoil he stirred up while acting. Unfortunately Ledger remained isolated after splitting up with Williams, and did not seek professional counseling to help him navigate the rough waters that flow between the narrow channel separating flesh from spirit.

Ledger needs prayers right now more than anything because he was not expecting to leave his mortal coil in such a sudden and untimely manner. He may be experiencing a fair amount of psychic confusion because of it, and fear due to the dark feelings and emotions that had enveloped him before his death.

One of the things I found troubling were the gawkers that had descended on the scene at Soho to take pictures of of Heath Ledger’s body being removed from his home. The bystanders alerted each other when his body was brought out so they could start snapping pictures and rolling video. I find that behavior repulsive because Heath Ledger needs our prayers right now more than anything. His family, friends and fans should strive to protect him as he transitions to the other side by shrouding him in sacred prayer to keep him safe from attack by negative entities. These entities will be attracted to Ledger on the other side because of the dark mood he was reportedly in at the time of his death. Instead of eating up every morsel of gossip on the guy about how he met his end, lets focus our energies instead on helping him make this important transition to spirit by offering prayers and song on his behalf to protect his soul on its sacred journey through the heavenly realms all around us.

Heath Ledger was great. I admired him and thought he was sexy and incredibly handsome, as well as super talented. For as long as I live, I will always miss him. God speed Heath. My prayers and love go with you always.




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