President Bush to Tornado Victims: “Life is Unfair”

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I’d figure after Katrina the President would have to have had a better message than this. Either CNN’s Ed Henry is just being awful charitable or else there must have been a lot more that President Bush said that just wasn’t in the clip they showed. What they did show sure didn’t live up to Henry’s intro.

Henry: The message from the President obviously was burned politically by Hurricane Katrina and the slow government response, was very simple: The government is here to help.

Bush: We’re sorry you’re going through what you’re going through. You know life sometimes is unfair and you don’t get to play the hand you wanted to play but the question is when you get dealt the hand how do you play it, and I’ve come away with this impression of the folks here in Macon county. One, they’re down to earth good hard working people. They have a respect for the Almighty, and this community is going to be as strong as ever. That’s what I think.

(video at LINK below)

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