Israeli Germ Warfare Virus Blamed For Honey Bee Decline

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Shoddy Containment at NES TZIYONA Biological Institute allegedly allowed weapon to escape. Human food supply endangered worldwide from lack of crop pollination by honey bees as billions die worldwide.
By Hal Turner

A newly discovered virus may be killing bees or may be making some bees vulnerable enough to disappear, U.S. researchers reported on Thursday.

While the virus probably does not alone account for what scientists call colony collapse disorder, or CCD, it could help explain what is happening to bees across the United States, they said.

The virus, called Israeli acute paralysis virus, or IAPV, was discovered in Israel in 2004 and is new to science.

CCD hit an estimated 23 percent of all beekeeping operations in the United States during the winter of 2006-7. “These beekeepers lost an average of 45 percent of their operations,” the researchers wrote in their report, published in the journal Science.

Beekeepers do not find bees dead — they simply find the hives nearly empty, with the queens alone and workers gone.

Honeybees originally imported from Europe are used to pollinate $14.6 billion worth of fruits, nuts and other U.S. crops annually. Bees also have disappeared from hives in Brazil and across Europe.

A team led by Dr. Ian Lipkin, an expert in the spread of infectious diseases at Columbia University in New York, ground up bee samples from across the United States and compared them to non-affected bees from Pennsylvania and Hawaii. They also looked at bees imported from Australia and samples of a bee product called royal jelly from China.

They then sequenced the genomes — the entire collection of DNA — and looked for genes from bacteria, viruses and parasites. They found five major bacterial groups, four lineages of fungi and seven types of viruses.


“We found a remarkably high viral burden in bee populations — both those that have CCD and not,” biologist Edward Holmes of Pennsylvania State University told reporters in a telephone briefing.

Only one was always associated with CCD — IAPV.

“Whether it is a causative agent or a very good marker is the next major question that we need to address,” said Diana Cox-Foster, an entomology professor at Penn State. A marker might mean that something else that was making the bees disappear also helped them become infected with the virus.

Jeffery Pettis of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Bee Research Laboratory in Maryland said IAPV was only one of several leads that must still be followed.

“I hope no one goes away with the idea that we have actually solved the problem,” Pettis told the briefing.

“I still believe that multiple factors must be involved in CCD.” Perhaps interactions among parasites, viruses and nutrition could be involve, he said.

IAPV can by transmitted by the varroa mite, a parasite known to affect U.S. bees.

Lipkin said in a telephone interview the next step is to infect healthy bees with IAPV and see if their colonies then collapse, as seen in CCD.

Cox-Foster said the team was also looking at other possible causes of CCD, although some leads were being pursued more urgently than others.

“We have very little evidence that the radiation from cellphones could impact bees,” she said.

She said tests also have shown that genetically modified crops have no ill effects on bees, although chemical pesticides could be adding stress.

As for why the bees disappear, Cox-Foster said they may deliberately avoid returning to the hive when they begin to feel ill, perhaps to protect their sisters and the queen.

Pentagon Reveals Dark Side of the mystery
Sources in the U.S. Defense Department have told The Hal Turner Show they know exactly where the virus originated: The Nes Tziyona Biological Institute, the main research facility for Israel’s clandestine arsenal of chemical and biological weapons.

The virus is a military bio-weapon developed by the Israeli Defense Force in the year 2000 to use against countries hostile to Israel.

A well-placed Pentagon source with access to classified bio-weapons research tells the Hal Turner Show “The Israeli Military has a well-deserved inferiority complex. They have visions of world domination, but have a lazy and poorly disciplined military that has never successfully defended the country without massive help from the U.S.”

The source went on to say “What the military lacks in fighting ability they make up for in weapons of mass destruction. Since the world will not tolerate an overt release of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons by Israel, they had to come up with something cunning. Sinister. Quiet. The IAPV met all those criteria.”

By wiping out much of an enemy’s food supply at the level of pollination an enemy cannot feed its troops – or its population. The Israelis decided such a problem would hasten the end hostilities by any superior aggressor.


No one knows how the bio-weapon got out and some worry the release was intentional.

The Nes Tziyona Biological Institute is said to be have “reasonable” containment practices but it is said to be staffed with some brilliant – but mentally unstable – researchers.

Another Pentagon source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Hal Turner Show “Some of the researchers at Nes Tziyona are zealots with a persecution complex. They are not content that Jews control 98% of all media worldwide. They are not content that Jews control 99% of world banking and stock markets. They see the Jewish people as being constantly under siege and some believe the Jews must wipe out their enemies before an enemy strikes them. They may be brilliant, but a lot of them seem to also be borderline psychotics.”

“With that unstable mental component having access to bio-weapons, the world had a recipe for disaster and now it looks as though we have one.” he continued.

Scientists in and outside the Pentagon are working at isolating the virus but even if they come up with a cure, there’s no way to deliver it. They cannot innoculate bees so they have to find a method of delivering a genetic change to make bees immune to this scourge before all of them die-off. Once all the bees are dead, Humanity will face unprecedented food shortages and die off because we will not have enough food independent of pollinated plant life to feed everyone.

They key to success is being able to come up with a cure and deliver it before all honey bees worldwide are wiped out. Researchers are not confident they will be able to succeed in time.

“The world won’t go out in a bang” said one of the two Pentagon officials; “We’ll go out with a wimper as we starve to death thanks to Israel.”

For those of you who doubt the voracity of this story, the “main stream media” has begun reporting this story as of September 7. The link below takes you to three-hundred fifty versions of this story, \ all published one day AFTER the Hal Turner Show brought this tragic news to the world! LINK

aura writes; please see LINK below TO NPR story (partially excerpt follows) confirming Israeli connection to CCD.

A Middle Eastern Connection

“…Lipkin set aside the bits and pieces of DNA from the bees and started sorting through what was left, searching for material found only in beehives infected by CCD. What they found, eventually, was a bee-killing virus first identified in Israel.

These findings have now been published online by the journal Science.

But both Pettis and Lipkin are quick to note that they have yet to prove conclusively that the Middle Eastern virus they found is the sole cause of CCD.

“Right now, we are claiming it is a marker in Colony Collapse Disorder,” Pettis explains. “We have shown that it is present when colonies are collapsing, but we haven’t shown cause and effect.”

Link to entire article


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