Obama disses British PM

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President Barack Obama just plain rude to Britain. Don’t call us in future.

aura writes; This is one of the best things Obama has done so far in his presidency. Congratulations Mr. President. In fact, don’t even bother inviting the limey PM back to America. Or that old bag from Windsor Palace – Queen Lizard. They are rude and nasty to Americans whenever one of us is stupid enough to visit their horror of a country. It is a nauseating police state that its citizens should overthrow. The monarchy should be abolished, the city of London should be dismantled and the British government should rebuilt into a FREE democratic republic. Hopefully Obama won’t invite the British PM here ever again. Let him stay on the other side of the pond along with queen lizard, the criminal crony bankers in the city of London and the rest of his police state loving, MI6 riddled aristocratic societal scum.

Hey Gordon, you, the queen and your criminal crony bankers can kiss my white Irish ass till the cows come home. Now get back to your police state of a country and don’t come back to America. You are not welcome here – so piss off!

click the above link if you want to hear a brit whine endlessly about his PM being dissed on his blog. Maybe if his country didn’t invade and colonize practically every country on earth, everyone wouldn’t hate the British so much. As for the blog’s author, Iain Martin , I have only one thing to say – clear out!!!


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