Stanglehold of Military Industrial Complex on America morphing it into a police state

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Posted on Sun, Mar. 15, 2009
Democracy Incorporated – A warning of creeping totalitarianism in U.S Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism

By Sheldon S. Wolin

The hijacking of government by corporations has permitted the military-industrial complex (which, in a clever sleight of hand, is no longer considered part of the government) to bleed the country. “Big government may be the problem,” Wolin quips, “but military is the solution.” The social programs implanted by the New Deal have been reduced or eliminated as part of the “selective abdication of governmental responsibility for the well-being of the citizenry” under cover of cost-cutting and improving “efficiency.” The official U.S. defense budget for fiscal year 2008 is $623 billion. The next closest national military budget is China’s, at $65 billion, according to the Central Intelligence Agency. And yet, even in the midst of our economic collapse, the two main political parties refuse to challenge the right of the military-industrial complex to gorge itself on taxpayer dollars. Read complete article at LINK

aura writes; cut the pentagon budget to zero, starting with subsidies for Israeli slaughter.


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