Obama Administration moves to shield Bush Administration, Military Officials from prosecution for war crimes

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ima_sinnic says – “change” blah blah blan “change” blah blah blah “look forward” – it’s all BULLSHIT. “cutting deals” with Bush, as suggested above? oh, that’s nice. I always like to “cut deals” with war criminals, thieves, mass murderers. Delightful company.

Obama has heard from me several times on this issue. He is complicit with war crimes and I can’t get behind someone who is in essence a war criminal. His “constitutional scholar” “creds” are also BULLSHIT. If he were really a “constitutional scholar,” Bush et al. would be in prison awaiting trial for their OBVIOUS violations of the Constitution. What is so fucking HARD about that?

O can “look forward” all he wants, but the rats, vermin, torturers, thieves, and fucking WAR CRIMINALS are underfoot and ensuring that they are permanently embedded in our government. How does he expect The People to get behind him when he will not take even a fucking baby step to seeing that Justice is served? sheesh. good-bye, barack. read more about Obama being in bed with Bush HERE


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