Israeli Soldiers Allege Indiscriminate Killing in Gaza

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Whenever concerns are expressed over civilian casualties inflicted in Israeli military operations, the country’s generals and political leaders are quick to insist that theirs is the “world’s most moral army.” That claim was challenged by human rights observers over Israel’s recent offensive in Gaza, although such criticism is reflexively dismissed by Israel as driven by pro-Palestinian bias. But when the allegations of abuses come from Israeli soldiers involved in the fighting, they can’t be as easily dismissed. Read more at TIME.COM

aura writes; Throughout the years, many Israeli citizens and American Jews have been vocal critics of the Israeli government’s genocidal policies towards Palestinians. These conscientious objectors have been labeled “self hating Jews” by the ADL crowd. Israeli citizens that have sought to change the genocidal policies of their rogue government, like vocal American anti war protesters, have been threatened by visits from secret police or physically brutalized at peace rallies. But it seems the slaughter of Palestinians has been so bad lately that now even Israeli soldiers can no longer stomach the murderous policies of their psycho leaders and are speaking up. Good for them. They should refuse any orders from their psychopathic superiors to kill unarmed Palestinian men, women or children.

Israel – a little oasis in the desert. NOT!


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