The Nagging Connection Between Breast Cancer & Deodorant Use

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by Rebecca Ephraim

Kris McGrath’s wife, Elaine, applied antiperspirant deodorant to her underarms as part of her daily routine — just as millions of us do every morning while getting dressed. McGrath believes it was this “lifestyle habit” coupled with underarm shaving that was the main cause of his 35-year-old wife’s breast cancer and death in 1989. He suspects the same thing happened to his mother who also died of breast cancer.

Kris McGrath is not just another questioning consumer; McGrath is an M.D., an associate professor of clinical medicine at Chicago’s Northwestern University’s medical school, heads up the allergy-immunology department at a Chicago hospital and maintains a thriving private practice. He has long suspected that there’s a link between the use of deodorants/antiperspirants and breast cancer. “I’ve been working on this for over 15 years,” McGrath recounts. “You get no support, no interest and it seems pretty straightforward that research needs to be done. I don’t understand that.” LINK


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