Dr. Ron Paul discusses State Secession from the CORRUPT Federal Government

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aura writes; The hijacking of the federal government of the United States by foreign banks has gotten so out of control that a few dozen states are considering jumping ship, and who could blame them. Even the patriotic generals and lower ranking officers and soldiers of our armed forces have abandoned their oath to protect the country from all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC, while open government criminality goes on. No one in government is being brought to justice for high treason against the people of this country while the bankers continue to raid the treasury as their takeover goes on. No charges are being brought against those responsible for writing and enforcing the torture policies, with all of those responsible being given a free pass by Obama. Only the little people get prosecuted for crimes, not the bigwigs at the top that have morped into a mafia and should be brought up on the RICO statute. Theses same co-conspirators in the federal government continue to attacks our Constitutional rights to enforce the agenda of their foreign banking masters. This makes our Constitutional Republic a democracy in name only and therefore the states have no choice but to consider secession from this corrupt union.


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