I have to admit…I’m concerned

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Mythsaje writes;I’m curious. Why did we fight so hard to put the Dems in Congress, to put a Dem in the Oval Office? Was it to, hopefully, look at reversing some of the worse trends that have afflicted us over the past dozen or more years? Usurious interest rates, skyrocketing health care, college education growing more and more expensive, and yet less and less effective at guaranteeing a good job once it’s finished? Two wars that cannot be won, one of which in the very place where the Soviet military became mired, itself helping to end the Soviet Union once and for all.

I’m not much for blind loyalty. I voted for these people, I fought for them with my words, because I’d hoped that they’d actually represent us and work to protect US, the People, from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous corporate types… (snip)

If this country is going to recover from what Bushco did to it, certain things will have to happen. We have to truly move into the 21st Century. We need unswerving dedication to finding clean, renewable energy, we need universal health care, we need a minimum standard of workers’ rights, and we need a complete overhaul of our banking system intended not to serve the banks and their shareholders, but to serve the United States as a whole. They should be able to accept a reasonable profit margin rather than trying to stretch it beyond reason at every opportunity. Enough is enough.

Without these things, the U.S. will have abandoned any chance it has of remaining a real world power, and the end of the union will become a certainty no matter how long it actually takes. The way things are going, I have to wonder how many of the Dems are complicit, complacent, lazy, or just plain cowardly.

(snip)People are left asking “so, what do the Democrats stand for?” And the only answer we can give at this moment is “Fuck if we know.” Because they clearly don’t stand for defending the people against the banking industry, or the insurance and pharmaceutical giants. They don’t stand for workers’ rights. They don’t stand for prosecuting war crimes.

So, indeed, what DO they stand for?

Fuck if I know.

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