Air France Pilot’s Union memo to its members ~ Don’t fly unless Pitot tubes replaced

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aura write; The information I found is excerpted from an article posted 45 minutes ago by the AP. I guess the Air France Pilots got some inside information that is making the rounds among their ranks and they are certainly acting in the interest of safety with the memo they sent out below. Good for them. May they be safe and be empowered with the tools they need to safeguard their passengers from now on.

(excerpt) Eric Derivry, a spokesman for the SNPL union, the main union for Air France pilots, told France-Info radio that all jets taking off on Tuesday would be equipped with two of the new Pitot sensors.

A memo sent to Air France pilots by the Alter union Monday and obtained by The Associated Press urges them to refuse to fly unless at least two of the three Pitot sensors on each planes have been replaced.

An official with the Alter union, speaking on condition of anonymity because the memo was not publicly released, said there is a “strong presumption” among its pilot members that a Pitot problem precipitated the crash. The memo says the airline should have grounded all A330 and A340 jets pending the replacement, and warns of a “real risk of loss of control” due to Pitot problems.

Air France said it began replacing the Pitot tubes on the Airbus A330 model on April 27 after an improved version became available, and will finish the work in the “coming weeks.” The monitors had not yet been replaced on the plane that crashed. (Read entire article at LINK

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