Chaos, destruction and death for fliers in the final minutes of doomed AF flight 447

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aura writes; The horrific story of what happened aboard doomed AF flight 447 in its final minutes is beginning to come together based on a plethora of automatic messages from the flight’s onboard computers, the excellent research and reporting of journalists like Miles O’Brien, reports on the condition of the wreckage found so far, as well as information surfacing about problems with malfunctioning pitot tubes which measure the air speed of the craft, and last but not least, the mega storm systems the airliner encountered in the intertropical zone along the equator. And the end was not pretty. Taking all this into consideration, I have cobbled together my own amateurish scenario of what transpired in the final minutes of AF flight 447. The pitot sensors were telling the plane’s onboard computer system that the plane was traveling slower than it actually was, thereby allowing the plane’s rudder to get into a position it shouldn’t have been in because in actuality the plane was going too fast for the rudder to be in that position. Since the rudder was in the wrong position for such excessive air speeds, this immensely important piece of the air craft was torn away by the savage elements, kicking off a mortal catastrophe the likes of which Air France has never seen. The aircraft was irretrievably crippled with the rudder’s loss and with the fuselage breached, the situation was beyond dire. It was sheer doom. No action taken by the flight crew now could have salvaged the aircraft or safeguarded the passengers. It was curtains for all aboard. With the loss of the essential rudder, which instantly ruptured the fuselage, the plane rapidly depressurized, sucking out some of the terrified passengers and crew. The panic stricken fliers, hearts pounding uncontrollably with adrenalin, were forced to face the unfathomable reality of their situation – the plane was coming apart around them. The passengers and crew not initially sucked out of the fuselage during the rapid depressurization (not to mention the ones who were) were pummeled mercilessly by the full force of the violent elements enveloping them, as they rode their stricken airliner to its doom in a death plunge so terrifying its enough to make one never want to fly again. What was left of flight 447 with its remaining passengers aboard was torn to shreds by the brutal force of the thundering winds as it fell to earth, until alas, its tragic journey ended in the dark depths of the Atlantic, where passengers and crew were scattered about in a sea of chaos, destruction and untimely death. How utterly heartbreaking. The terror experienced by those fliers must’ve been off the richter scale. This scenario is every flier’s worst nightmare. We all know the odds are against us if we are unlucky enough to end up on a failed flight. I dare say this tragedy is spooking the flying public like no other. How could God in all His mercy allow those people to suffer such a cruel fate? How could God be so compassionate, yet so cruel? I hope those passengers asked Him that when they got to heaven. May their continued journey through paradise be a peaceful one. God bless them and everyone who has enlightened us to the facts behind this painful and terrifying tragedy.

by aura
June 9, 2009 12:34 PM


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