The irony of David Carradine’s death in sex trade capital of world

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aura writes; In honor of David Carradine’s death a la ladyboy in a wig and fishnets, I thought it would be apropos to post some info on just one type of deviant sexual behavior prevalent in Thailand. Thailand, the sex trade capital of the world, is famous for ladyboys and a popular destination for sex tourism for those wishing to purchase the sexcapade of their choice for the right amount of coin. That is what makes it such a popular destination for western men looking to get their kicks without being jailed. Sex with minors is big in Thailand, especially among wealthy European and American men that travel their to satisfy their otherwise illegal sexual appetites.

One sexual fetish that is a big draw in Thailand are Ladyboys. Some ladyboys look so much like women you can only tell them apart when their clothes come off and you see their dicks. Think the Crying Game. Rumor has it tight butt holes are a big draw for sexually deviant westerners seeking  minors (without the threat of having to don pinstripes) or petite ladyboys. It sounds like David Carradine may have gotten bitten by the Ladyboy bug himself, and it shockingly resulted in death by ladyboy ligature. Who’d a thunk?! The details surrounding David Carradine’s sudden and highly unusual demise has left many hungering more details. That is why I decided to link to a site that partially explains the phenomena of Thai ladyboys. Have at it!

Thai Ladyboys explained
Just what is a ladyboy? Thailand is famous for them, and any visitor to Thailand will at some stage during their trip, come across these unusual people who are half lady half boy. They work in spas and behind shop counters. Some hotels employ them as receptionists, others are found waitressing or managing in restaurants. And many are also found in the bar scene, prostituting themselves. Keep reading at LINK


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