David Carradine wigs out; dies with his fishnets on

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aura writes; Curiosity over the death of David Carradine has reached a fever pitch, with folks all over cyberspace searching for info about all the sordid details. Some online sources are claiming the photo of David Carradine’s limp body captured in the death photo depicted on the front page of Thai tabloid ThaiRath is actually faked. In the grainy snap, David is photographed wearing a woman’s wig and fishnet stockings, with arms bound tightly above his head. Red woman’s lingerie were found nearby on the bed. Rumors are circulating in some quarter that the front page photo of Carradine’s death scene in the hotel is a reenactment of how the Kill Bill actor was actually found by a hotel maid. Anyone interested in viewing Carradine’s death photo can click here to decide for themselves. Scroll halfway down the page and you’ll find the picture posted. Carradine’s remains are now back in Hollyweird, but considering David Carradine’s erotic fetishes, we at mysticalmaven think it is fitting that he died in Thailand, where the hard core sex trade is legendary. In Thailand, that’s how they roll and Carradine must have fit right in. Whether true or not, from now on it will be said, he died with his fishnets on. That’s Hollywood!

David Carradine’s wig and fishnet controversy is being covered by mainstream media outlets like ABC in greater detail to drive surfers to their boring outdated news platforms. GO here for the latest post on Carradine from the mainstream media dinosaur if you’d like to read more about David Carradine’s death by auto erotic asphyxiation.


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