Naked fliers and the hand of destiny

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aura writes; The bodies of some of the passengers of AF Flight 447 were found naked and 85 miles apart. This is to be expected since some fliers were sucked out of the plane after the rudder sheered off catastrophically mid flight, rupturing the fuselage, brutally depressurizing the main cabin and dooming the plane. The others passengers and crew were undoubtedly whipped around wildly by winds of up to 100 mph driven by four towering thunderstorms as they rode their crippled airliner to watery ruin. Not a pretty picture and not surprisingly, post mortems performed on some of the bodies found multiple fractures.

On a lighter note, a woman who missed the doomed flight (along with her husband) was killed shortly after landing in Europe two days later in a car crash in Austria. Her husband was seriously injured in the accident. This undeniably points to the hand of fate, as dictated by karma and which comes to fruition as certain stars align with each other. The only way to mitigate karma is through God’s grace. The husband of the woman killed must have performed some action that mitigated the horrible fate that awaited him on AF Flight 447 and when he cheated death yet again in the car accident.

God’s grace can be earned by supplicating the Lord and by performing charitable acts of love towards our fellow man. Think feeding the poor, caring for the sick and praying for our enemies. If you follow the 10 commandments and are proactive about it while remembering God and dedicating your actions to Him by fasting, praying and performing acts of charity and kindness each day, and follow a good example by living cleanly, He will take notice, you will undoubtedly please him and through His grace, which you must ask for, you can avert certain destinies that are the result of pleasant karmas that manifest due to the negative consequences of our past actions.

No one but God knows what karma awaits us, but perhaps the woman who died in the car crash had a merciful death due to God’s compassion. God may have known that a death plunge in an doomed airliner was too much for this her to bear and spared her such a violent end. To die in fear is traumatic for a transiting soul.

Be safe out there everybody, and remember to live by the teachings Jesus said way back in the day, love your neighbor as would yourself. May the departed souls of the passengers and crew of Flight AF 447 (and that of the female car crash victim) rest in peace. To read more about the deets, go to this Link


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