Pittsburgh Penguins beat Detroit Red Wings to win Stanley Cup

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aura writes; The Detroit Red Wings lost the last game of the Stanley Cup finals in a cliffhanger close playoff game that went down the wire. The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated Detroit, whose epic failure happened on their home ice at the Joe Louis Arean Some Detroit fans claimed that no hockey team ever came back to win the Stanley Cup after losing the first two games, and that the Penguins choke during away games. But that proved to be wishful thinking. Hopes of Red Wing fans everywhere were dashed as they sat glue at home to their TV sets, and in sports bars, certain of victories only to have their hopes dashed by the Penguins who fought fought back against the odds to win the coveted the Stanley Cup. I used to love hockey until the players began beating the hell out of each other. I’m glad the finals are over and done with, since extending the professional hockey season into June is a step too far. The season should really end sometime in March. The Red Wings will have to regroup in the off season to see if they can get their mojo back. Better luck next year boys. And congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins for their impressive Stanley Cup Victory and their loyal fans. Link to story


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