Obama “bearing witness” to what’s going on in Iran? So where the f*ck was he when this was going on in the US? Disneyland?

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RNC convention police brutality.

Obama gives new meaning to the word hypocrite. He is a self important pathological liar who stood by and said nothing while protesters and innocent bystanders were arrested by police in military formation using brutal tactics during lawful assemblies in Denver and St. Paul.

Was he “bearing witness” to THIS too, when Denver police attacked peaceful protesters with pepper spray? Where were you then Obama? You knew what was going on in Denver, but you said nothing, and your silence spoke volumes. You don’t believe in the Constitution, because if you did you would have spoken out to protect and defend the rights of citizens to peacefully assemble. And were you “bearing witness” when this national news reporter was roughed up and arrested by Denver police for videotaping lobbyists entering a DNC fundraiser at a downtown hotel. Where were you Obama when the constitutional rights of the lawfully assembled were being violated right and left in Denver and St. Paul, when law abiding citizens exercising their constitutional rights were brutalized and arrested by police? You must have been there Obama, because you showed up for your coronation at a Denver stadium, but you said nothing because to you the Constitution is just a piece of paper and not a living document. No one heard a peep out of you then, Obama, you lying sell out.

Martin Luther King, Jr you ain’t Obama!

And once again, hurrah for Ron Paul!!!


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